Man left unconscious on Dutch highway after road rage incident


A 48-year-old man from Nieuwegein was found unconscious next to his car on the A16 highway on Sunday night, the police said on Monday. The police believe the man was beaten up in a road rage incident. His face was badly swollen and he lost a number of teeth.

The victim told the police that he was driving in the left lane on the A58 highway when a car with French license plates came up behind him, flashing its lights. The Nieuwegein man switched to the right lane and saw the French car overtake him on the left, hitting his car’ left real wheel.

The victim drove towards the Galder junction and turned right towards Rotterdam. The French car followed him, so he decided to pull over on the emergency lane near the Breda/Rijsbergen exit. He got out of the car and the other driver did too. The victim said he heard the other driver shouting at him in English and French. That’s the last thing he remembers until a passerby found him unconscious on the highway.

The police are looking for the driver of a gray car with French license plates. The car may be damaged on the right front. Any witnesses are also called upon to come forward.